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Smart Cutting Board With 10 Features

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This cutting board kills germs, weighs your food and more! Sustainable design, Replaceable parts.



Replace Five Kitchen Gadgets:

Instead of needing up to five single-use gadgets and tools in your kitchen the ChopBox combines all five into one amazing cutting board. You’ll never need to find or store smaller single-use tools like a food scale or kitchen timer again and will have more room for storage and organization in your kitchen.


Built-In Kitchen Scale

Always get the exact right portion!  When do you use food scales? When you’re cutting and portioning your food! The built-in food scale measures up to 3 kilograms or 6.6 pounds and weighs in grams and ounces.

9 Hour Timer

Never overcook your food again!  The organic bamboo-skin LED timer can be set for up to 9 hours and keeps you on track for perfectly cooked meals every time.

Knife Sharpener

Knife getting dull?  Easily sharpen your knife without interrupting your cooking with one of the two convenient knife sharpeners right on the side of the ChopBox.

Super Durable & Quick Charging

ChopBox is made of 100% natural bamboo and is 35 millimeters thick. It’s incredibly durable and can hold up to 150 pounds. Charge your ChopBox for just one hour to get 30 days of regular daily use!

SUV-C Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Never worry about germs again with an inset sanitizing light to disinfect up to three knives at once and both cutting surfaces. Just two minute of UVC light exposure kills 99.99% of germs & bacteria.

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