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Sinaaudio™: Best-sounding Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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  • SinaaudioT20 Earbuds
  • SinaaudioT20 Charging Box
  • SinaaudioT20 Ear-Tips
  • SinaaudioT20 Charging Cable
  • SinaaudioT20 User Manual
  • SinaaudioT20 Quick Start Guide

Sinaaudio T20 Earbuds are designed with advanced ANC features that eliminate unwanted background noise for better calls, music, and mobile audio.

T20 is built around 10mm custom made PEEK + PU high fidelity dynamic drivers with stereo sound to deliver a premium audio experience with crisp clear highs, accurate mids, and powerful lows. They are IPX5 water-resistant for outdoors and sports use and the playback time is over 20+ hours when used with the included charging case. For modern mobile audio users who demand perfect audio in noisy environments, Sinaaudio T20 makes a great choice.

Smart Active Noise Cancelling Technology

Enjoy your favorite music anytime and anywhere Noise-Free. With true smart Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology, Sinaaudio creates the perfect Noise-Free environment that keeps you focused on your task at hand while experiencing an unprecedented immersive sound experience.

How Sinaauido T20 ANC works:

  1. Microphone pickup detects external sound waves
  2. Sinaaudio T20 Chipset analyzes external waves and identifies unwanted frequencies
  3. ANC algorithm generates an opposing anti-noise signal that cancels ambient noise
  4. Sinaaudio T20 delivers noise-free music and calls

30dB+ Noise Reduction Depth

If you have tried older generations of noise-canceling earbuds that failed to cancel out ambient noise, you will be amazed by what Sinaaudio can do. It delivers a premium 30dB+ noise reduction depth, far greater than previously possible. The result is a perfectly quiet environment for total concentration and perfect audio. Simply put them on, give them a tap, and experience your personal zone of total peace and quiet. 

Noise-Free Phone Calls with Advanced Environmental Noise Cancelling

All of us have experienced the frustration of struggling to hear a call on a busy street or in a crowded restaurant. Environmental noise such as wind can also make it impossible to hear your caller. Sinaaudio T20 solves this problem and provides an enhanced phone call experience by applying sophisticated noise reduction during calls. The advanced ENC technology makes sure your voice is clearly picked up and delivered even in noisy locations. You can also turn on the ANC during the call so you can monitor your own voice better and hear your partner much more clearly.

Why You'll Have Better Phone Call Experience with Sinaaudio T20:

Enjoy Music and Focus On What's Important with ANC On

Designed for Premium Sound Quality

PEEK+PU Composite Diaphragm Produce Superior Sound Quality

The high fidelity dynamic drivers in Sinaaudio are constructed with the ideal combination of two high-end materials: PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) and PU (Polyurethane), which improve the strength and frequency response curve to deliver the pure essence of sound with powerful lows, clean mids, and crystal clear high frequencies.

Customized Moving Coil Unit

Excellent balance across the entire frequency band results in a listing experience that is accurate and enjoyable.

Large Horn Caliber

Compared to other earbuds, Sinaaudio has 2 times larger horn caliber which creates low frequency to suppress any type of noise.

Sinaaudio T20 is the ultimate combination of advanced technology and excellent industrial design. Enjoy all-day listening comfort with soft, snug earbuds that perfectly fit your ears. Super comfortable and secure, the only thing you feel is the magic of sound!

Smart intuitive technology lets you easily control Sinaaudio with a few simple touches.

With SAW Filters (Surface Acoustic Wave Filters), the anti-interference ability of the signal is greatly enhanced. Sinaaudio provides the fastest and most stable connection and instant pairing without any audio-video lag. Single ear wear option is supported for added convenience. Enjoy flawless music and video at a distance of 10 meters (33 ft).

With an IPX5 sweat and waterproof rating, Sinaaudio goes with you no matter what the weather throws your way. From now on, no more excuses to skip workouts.

At Sinaaudio, our mission is to design and produce audio products with advanced technology and premium sound. We lead with purposeful innovation to master the perfect sound and follow with the consumer-first mindset to gain trust and loyalty. We have a vision to become the music creators sound tool. There is no greater compliment than the creator of music to use our products to produce or reference their music. We will always strive to be the number one choice of musicians.

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